A Blow-By-Blow Guide to Nominations Night 9


Here's what we know. Sam, Angie and Estelle are automatically up for Eviction. All the HMs can Nominate - but they have to slingshot their points to either Michael, Layla, Stacey, Zoe or Benjamin.

That means we will have at least six Housemates up for Nomination... and possibly more. We know Michael has the Superpower but we don't know what it is... yet. What we don't know, is how the HMs will cope when their usual Nomination victims aren't accessible and they're forced to turn on their friends. Who will be up? Keep refreshing this page for a live blow-by-blow.

SPOILER ALERT: This blog is written in real 'House time', which may conflict with the broadcast time in your State or Territory. Please avert your eyes if you don't want tonight's proceedings to be spoiled!

The mood in the House is quiet as the Housemates perhaps inwardly ponder who will be up. After getting ready with everyone else in the Bathroom, Zoe, Michael, Benjamin and Stacey are outside coming to terms with the fact several of them will face Eviction this week.

The rest of the HMs join them and the mood shifts to kooky craziness as the HMs rattled around the Yard with nerves.

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The Housemates have gathered inside and are ready for Noms. Sonia lets us know that the holder of the Superpower - Michael - won't learn of his power until he is in the Chamber.

The HMs are delighted to see Sonia on the screen, and Stacey describes tonight as a "drainer." Angie tells Sonia it is a "bit of a relief" to know she is already nominated. Zoe tells Sonia she most definitely will not miss Nominations Night when she is back in the real world. Benjamin laughs as he tells Sonia that spying his photo in the Nominations Room he realises he has "lost a lot of weight since then!"

"Housemates, in less than one hour's time, most - if not all - of you will be Nominated. You'll find out who Australia wants to save..." BB declares. He reminds last week's Nominees that they are back up for Eviction. "By the end of the evening, at least six of you will be up for Eviction," BB says. "There is a new Superpower this week, however the owner and power will only be revealed to you at the end of Nominations." BB sends the HMs to the Nominations Room.

"It's time to Nominate," BB begins.

"I don't like those odds," Benjamin tells BB of a three in five chance of being up for Eviction. "First of all I nominate Layla - and I will nominate Layla for four points," Benjamin begins. He says "she does a lot of cleaning and making out with Sam," saying this makes her largely unavailable to him. He adds that she is a "beautiful" person "but I have carefully decided that's how I would like to nominate this evening." Benjamin delivers his last vote as strategy. "I'd like to strategically give one vote to Zoe and the reason why is I think she has the strongest chance of winning Big Brother," he says. "At the end of the day, I would like to be a winner ... we can't all be winners, so I will nominate Zoe for one point."

Angie cheers when BB asks her if she is feeling good that her name won't be mentioned in the Chamber tonight. She then begins by nominating Zoe, for strategy reasons, for three points. "She's very relatable, she's the country girl, she doesn't do too many things wrong," Angie lists. "She's between me and being here in the last week," Angie says, adding that she believes the public loves Zoe. "For two points, I'm going to nominate Layla," Angie says. "I think the people who would vote for me would probably vote for her ... we have similar friendship groups and likes and dislikes. Even though she's my best friend in the House ... if it's getting down to doing this strategically, [then that is my vote]," Angie finishes. "Toodles!"

Zoe says she "absolutely, 100%" believes she will be up for Eviction tonight, before she delivers her Nominations. "First, for three points, I nominate Stacey," Zoe says. She explains that Stacey has a big personality but can sometimes be too loud. "She thrives off attention," Zoe explains. "For two points, I nominate Layla ... I think she's flying under the radar," Zoe explains. "I love her to death," but Zoe feels Layla is reserving and hiding her real personality. "Hoo roo," Zoe farewells BB.

Stacey says she thinks she will "probably" be nominated tonight. She begins to vote. "Can I please use three points for Layla," she says. "I think sometimes Layla's a little bit moody, it's hard to catch her in good moods and bad moods," Stacey clarifies that Layla puts herself down a lot and "it's a bit of a drainer." For her next two points, Stacey nominates Michael. "Because he is a genius, he is sort of closed to learning things from other people," she explains. "I just think he could sorta learn a bit more from a lot of people here."

Half way through - Layla, Zoe and Stacey are in the red zone, with Layla on 11 points, Zoe on 4 points and Stacey on 3.

"Looking forward to a bit of revenge tonight?" BB asks and Sam agrees he absolutely is. "The strongest competitor - I believe is Benjamin," Sam kicks off, giving Benjamin three points. "Two points I give to whom I believe is the weakest player, which is Zoe. I believe she has been protected by a small alliance," Sam explains. "She's not protected anymore and it's going to be interesting." He says that Zoe plays a small role in the House in his opinion.

"As terrible as ever," Michael sums up his Nominations Night. "For two points I will be nominating the wonderful Layla. ... I feel she has an overly competitive edge when it comes to playing the game," he adds. He says he finds her desire to win "unappealing." "For three points and this sucks and I hate to do it .... I nominate the wonderful Zoe," Michael says. He adds that Zoe gets frustrated with him, "generally for not loving her," he explains, saying he is the brunt of Zoe's anger. "Are you happy with your nominations?" BB suddenly asks. Michael admits he isn't. "Before you go, there's just one more thing..." BB says. He tells Michael Josh assigned him the Superpower. Michael does a happy shaka, trying to keep his reaction subdued to the HMs don't cotton on to the extra surprise. "I would have done the same for him ... he's just an all-around Aussie legend," Michael says. "Remember, what happens in the Chamber, stays in the Chamber," BB tells Michael before he returns to his seat, still unaware of what exactly his Superpower is.

Layla admits she is scared and flustered about tonight's voting... and also that she has spotted a spider in the Nominations Chamber! Finally, she begins. "Both of the people I am gonna nominate tonight are for strategy," she stalls. "Layla, the series ends soon," BB chastises her. "What do you mean?" she asks baffled. "Get on with it!" he admonishes and she finally nominates Benjamin for three points. She says he has "born leadership" which makes her get "pushed out of things." Layla then nominates Stacey for two points for "exactly the same scenario." She explains there are two groups forming. "They're the funniest and I'm... just... not."

"I nominate Stacey for four points," Estelle starts. She says she feels Stacey's jokes are always at someone else's expense. "I'm going to say, one point I'm going to nominate Michael," Estelle says. "I feel like he's putting on a bit of a front," Estelle explains. She says changing your personality is "doing yourself an injustice. You need to be genuine."

The HMs retreat to the Lounge and still have no idea what the Superpower is this week. Sonia crosses live to the House and tells the Housemates that Josh did, indeed, hand out the Superpower and Michael is the lucky recipient. "You have one last move to make Michael," Sonia says before BB takes over and tells the HMs he secretly advised Michael in the Chamber that he was the holder of the Superpower. "He doesn't know what it is yet," BB says as he instructs Michael to go to the Diary Room.

"Michael, all HMs have nominated without knowing what the Superpower is or that you hold it," BB says. He recaps Michael's noms - Zoe and Layla - and tells him he has the "Copycat" Superpower. This means he has the power to select one HM, cancel their votes and replace them with his. "I think that it is an interesting and very powerful Superpower," Michael says.

BB advises he must make his decision based on what he knows of his Housemates - he will not be able to see anyone's votes or learn of the Tallyboard's results. "It's either Estelle or Sam," Michael ponders, trying to decide whose votes to get rid of. He finally chooses Sam. "I don't even know why ... I feel like [Sam] might have voted for me in the past... actually! Can I change my vote?" Michael asks quickly. BB tells him he can, as he hadn't yet locked it in. Michael admits he thinks Estelle might have voted for him. "I'm trying to do what is beneficial to me," Michael explains, adding he thinks Estelle may have voted for him and Benjamin and that he wants to save himself and needs Benjamin in the House. Estelle originally nominated Stacey and Michael - so removing her points saves Stacey from being Nominated. Now, Layla is on 15, Zoe is on 12 and Benjamin is on 6. Ironically, in trying to save Benjamin, Michael has inadvertently put him on the chopping block.

It's Official! Sam, Estelle, Angie, Layla, Zoe and Benjamin are up!

BB tells the HMs the previous three Nominees are back up and then announces the newcomers. "On 15 points, Layla," BB says. She looks crushed. "On 12 points, Zoe." Zoe nods and grins. "And with 6 points, Benjamin." He looks horrified.

Voting Lines open at 9:30pm AEDT - let Australia know who YOU want in the House!

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